Code Mesh 2015:

Tutorials: 2 November

Conference: 3-4 November



"@CodeMeshIO 2014 was such a great conf! Amazing agenda, high quality conversations… See you next year!"

"On most conferences, I enjoy two, max three speakers. On this conference, no talk was average."

"Great - "my head explodes", have to learn more."

"I only attended one talk that I wished I hadn't. That's amazing, given the number of talks and topics covered. Really high quality of speakers on average."

"Loved almost all talks. Great atmosphere, keynotes and people."

"What I really, really like about #CodeMesh is that -everyone- is so extremely nice and smart. A joy to interact with speakers and attendees."

"#codemesh 2014 rocked! Looking forward to #codemesh 2015 already. There were some excellent speakers."

"Awesome to meet @rickasaurus, @pavlobaron, @clementd, @kaleidic & many others for the first time in person."

THANK YOU all for an amazing conference! What sets Code Mesh apart from other conferences is exactly the passion, energy and curiosity of the speakers and delegates. Hope you'll join us for Code Mesh on 3-4 November 2015 (Tutorials on 2nd November).

Until then, we have started publishing the slides and videos from this year. Look for the icons on the speakers' photos below. Don't forget to check out our photos on Facebook and keep in touch on Twitter and LinkedIn


Leszek Godlewski

Gamedev-grade Debugging

Kevin Hammond

Megacore, Megafast, Megacool
Functional Programming, Properties, Parallelism

Yan Cui

Modelling Complex Game Economy with Neo4j
Server Architect Developer at Yubl

Ian Barber

Naming Things

Eric Redmond

NoSQL is Dead

Peer Stritzinger

Programming a Massively Scalable Garage Door Opener in Erlang
Founding Owner and Managing Director of Peer Stritzinger GmbH

Garrett Smith

Social Code
AI Hacker

Michael "Monty" Widenius

Andrea Magnorsky

The Tools that Shape Us
Computationally Generated Chaos Monkey