Richard Minerich

Leveraging Functional Programming for Data Science

Leveraging Functional Programming for Data Science

Data science is full of hard problems, but the complex algorithms and mathematics rank among the least of these. Bad data abounds, and it’s easy to make a small mistake that can ruin days or even weeks of work. In this talk you’ll see how ideas and tools from functional programming save me time and effort, and how they might be helpful for you as well.

Target audience: Data scientists curious about functional programming and functional programmers curious about data science.

About Richard

Richard Minerich is a Microsoft MVP for the F# programming language. Through writing, speaking and running events, Richard hopes to help bridge the gap between the cutting edge in computation and the mainstream software engineer. Currently, Richard works as Senior Researcher at Bayard Rock which focuses on applying machine learning to problems in the banking world.


Github: Rickasaurus

Twitter: @Rickasaurus

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