Thank You to Those Who Attended Code Mesh 2013

Amanda Laucher

Graph database

Andrea Magnorsky

Hidden Gems of Everyday Game Development with C#
Computationally Generated Chaos Monkey

David Turner

The History of Lazy Functional Programming Languages
Designer of SASL, KRC and Miranda

Edwin Brady

Idris: Programming with Dependent Types
Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of St Andrews

Garrett Smith

Software As Biology
AI Hacker

Jessica Kerr

When Code Reacts to Data
Infrastructure Developer at Stripe

Joe Armstrong

Fault Tolerance 101
Co-Inventor of Erlang

Francesco Cesarini

Going Reactive: New and Old Ideas for your 21st Century Architectures
O'Reilly Author & Founder of Erlang Solutions

Peer Stritzinger

Grisp: Building Spaceships with Erlang
Founding Owner and Managing Director of Peer Stritzinger GmbH

Phil Trelford

F# for Trading

Sam Aaron

The Programming Language as a Musical
Creator of @Sonic_Pi, Live Coding Musician

Simon Marlow

The Haxl Project at Facebook
Software Engineer at Facebook

William E. Byrd

Meta-Programming in Logic Programming
Relational programming and program synthesis

Nada Amin

Meta-Programming in Logic Programming
Lecturer at the University of Cambridge

Yan Cui

F# in Social Gaming
Server Architect Developer at Yubl

Timothy Baldridge

Clojure Core.Async