Sophia Drossopoulou

Pony for Safe, Fast, Concurrent Programs

Pony: actors, types, safety, speed - Professor Imperial College London

Pony for Safe, Fast, Concurrent Programs

An introduction to the programming language Pony, and how it makes it easy to write safe, fast, concurrent programs. We will discuss the actor paradigm, the type system and its guarantee of atomicity at the behaviour level, the use of types for GC , the runtime system, and some benchmarks

Talk objectives

To demonstarte the principles guiding the design of the language Pony. To show how Pony achieves performance.

Talk audience

People who want to know the principles that guided the design of Pony, how these demonstrate themselves in the programming language, and then how they affected the runtime.

About Sophia

Sophia Drossopoulou is Professor in Programming Languages at Imperial College London. She achieved her Ph.D. from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Her main research interests cover formal methods for programming language design and implementation. In particular, she had worked on concurrency, type systems, object-oriented programming, object capabilities and reasoning about programs. She has collaborated with Sylvan Clebsch in the design of the language Pony.

Github: sophiaIC

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