Phil Hayes

Colossus - The First Electronic Computer

Chief Colossus Engineer

Colossus - The First Electronic Computer

How Bletchley Park were able to Crack Hitler’s secret messages and the creation of the first electronic computer.

Talk objectives:

  • To explain how and why the first electronic computer was built and why it was kept secret for over 60 years.

Target audience:

  • An adult audience.

About Phil

Phil studied electronics at Brighton in the early 70’s, then worked at several large electronics companies and organisations until he moved into data communications in the early 90’s. He finished his working career as a Network Security Architect for one of the major clearing banks in the city.

As a volunteer, Phil joined the Colossus Rebuild Project in 2000, and then in 2011, he was approached by the National Museum of Computing to take on the full-time roll of Chief Colossus Engineer.

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