Yan Cui

The Future of PAAS is Serverless and Why You Should Care

Server Architect Developer at Yubl

The Future of PAAS is Serverless and Why You Should Care

Lambda is the next stage in the evolution of the AWS. It allows you to build reactive, event-driven systems that are easy to deploy, update and scale. Amazon manages all the undifferentiated heavy-lifting for you so you can focus on delivering value to your customers with even greater speed and cost efficiency.

Join Yan in this talk as we take a deep dive through AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework.

We'll see how you can start building reactive microservices with Lambda and API Gateway, without having to manage any servers or containers, and only pay for your services when they are used. We'll discuss lessons learned, best practices and current limitations with Lambda.

We'll also get to know the Serverless framework, which helps automate both deployment and versioning so that you can better focus on the things that matter to your customers.

Talk objectives:

  • Give audience a taste of what is possible with serverless technology such as AWS Lambda; why it's important and why industry leaders such as Adrian Cockcroft and Simon Wardley are so convinced by its potential as the future of PAAS.

Target audience:

- Everyone.