Ben Stopford

Streaming, Database & Distributed Systems: Bridging the Divide

Data/Streaming Tech Specialist

Streaming, Database & Distributed Systems: Bridging the Divide

There is something very interesting about stream processing. It builds upon messaging, rather than using a file system, as a more typical database does. But stream processing engines themselves are really a type of database. A database designed specifically to blend streams and tables so you can query continuous results. As such they span an architectural no-mans-land that sits between Database and Distributed Systems fields.

This talk will look at Stateful Stream Processing. Can a streaming engine provide the guarantees of a database? When is a streaming engine best? How do they work, under the covers?

Talk objectives:

  • To convey an understanding of when stream processing makes sense, by understanding how they are built.

Target audience:

  • Developer & Engineers with an interest in Data, Databases or Distributed Systems.