Sylvan Clebsch

My Little Pony

My Little Pony

Pony is a relatively new LLVM based compiled language supporting ease of integration with native code. This talk takes a deep dive into Pony and the mature Erlang ecosystem. Plus, who doesn't like 'ponies'?

Talk objectives:

- Learn a little about Pony itself, using Pony, and extending Pony with native extensions.
- Compare and contrast to the Erlang ecosystem on a joyride through the fields of pony.
- There will be pictures of ponies, natch.

Target audience:

- Functional programmers, priests of the actor model, Erlangers and the crazy ones interested in the intersection between mechanical sympathy and systems empathy.

About Sylvan

Sylvan Clebsch was kicked out of a lot of schools before becoming a serial entrepeneur in the 90s, working on embedded OSes, secure systems, VOIP, physical simulation, and graphics engines, before accidentally becoming an Executive Director in IT at a major investment bank - which he has now left. He now works at Causality, developing Pony, and is a part-time PhD student at Imperial College.

Github: sylvanc

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