Nicki Watt

Boot my (secure)->(portable) clouds!

Boot my (secure)->(portable) clouds!

Being able to "take advantage of cloud computing" is often cited as a key enabler in helping organisations to innovate fast and providing a platform for rapid expansion. Doing so effectively, in a manner which is secure, and prevents vendor lock-in (being able to move cloud providers as and when required), does however pose some interesting challenges.
In this talk I will explore and provide insight into the approaches and considerations required to spin up new isolated, secure environments capable of running in variety of different cloud providers; in a fully automated manner. In true CodeMesh style (promoting "the right tool for the job"), I will also dig into the details of some of the newer tools and technologies currently being trialled within a department of the UK government looking to do just this.
Talk objectives:
- Understand the challenges posed in bootstrapping new environments across different cloud providers
- Explore the characteristics of tools which make automating this process easier
- Dig into some of the new tools actively being used to address these challenges including Terraform (IaaS automation) and Vault (Security)
Target audience:
Anyone interested in exploring some of the latest tools and innovations in the cloud automation space

About Nicki

Nicki Watt works as a hands on lead consultant at OpenCredo helping organisations embrace, build and discover innovative solutions to their problems. A techie at heart, her personal motto is “Strive for simple when you can, be pragmatic when you can’t”. Experienced in leading a variety of different development and architectural projects across a wide range of industries, her current focus lies in the cloud and continuous integration and delivery space. Nicki is also a co-author of Neo4j In Action, a comprehensive guide to the graph database, Neo4j.

Github: nickithewatt

Twitter: @techiewatt

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