Melissa Pierce

Keynote: Grace Murray Hopper: The Original Pirate Hacker

Keynote: Grace Murray Hopper: The Original Pirate Hacker

Navy Rear Admiral and Computer Pioneer Grace Murray Hopper was a force of nature to be sure and had a series of firsts; from the first compiler to the first patch to the first computer bug - Grace made things happen. But did you know how she pulled all nighters, hacked apart sanctioned programs to get them to behave how she wanted, and pirated computer time from the pentagon? Join filmmaker and coder Melissa Pierce as she tells you what she's learned while researching for her upcoming documentary film Born with Curiosity.

About Melissa

Start-up enthusiast, film producing, tech loving, idea generating, puzzle solving, pattern matching social connector who enjoys converting impossible concepts into successful projects. Creator of an award winning film series, founder of "just a few" interesting companies, and generator of hundreds of other less well known good ideas. Recently listed as one of Crain's Chicago's "Tech 50" - top people to know in Chicago tech.


Twitter: @melissapierce

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