Matthew Podwysocki

Putting You Back in Charge of Your Data

Putting You Back in Charge of Your Data

In today's world, we often hear about data leaks, and mass data collection by governments and corporations. This is becoming the world as we know it today, but does it have to be? How many devices do we have? What do they emit? Who collects and what do they do with it?

What about having a platform where you can build secure, peer to peer applications, which puts you first for securing and sharing your own data? With the Thali Project, you can build that platform, sharing over BlueTooth, WiFi Direct, or other synchronization mediums.

In this talk, we'll talk about Thali, and where it's being used today and where it can help people build secure applications that puts you first in controlling your data!

Talk objectives:

- This talk aims to talk about the Thali Project at Microsoft, a peer to peer secure framework for a number of cases such as the Internet of Things, but also for privacy and security so that you share only with those you specify. This has a number of applications to helping people communicate where there is no cell-phone or internet infrastructure, to also enabling people to share freely and without fear.

Target audience:

- Any person who values liberty and free speech

About Matthew

Matthew Podwysocki is a Principal Software Developer and self-described Open Sourcerer at Microsoft. He currently works on the Reactive Extensions Team focusing on all languages including JavaScript and the Thali Project, focusing on data streams and the Internet of Things.

Github: mattpodwysocki

Twitter: @mattpodwysocki

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