Mandy Waite

Simplifying Scalable Cloud Application Development with Go

Simplifying Scalable Cloud Application Development with Go

Seems that everywhere you look now large scale, bleeding edge cloud technology projects are being written in the Go Programming Language. Docker and Kubernetes are prime examples of greenfield applications written in Go and recently blogged on how moving their API from Rails to Go "saved their sanity". Go is truly becoming the "Cloud Programming Language". In this talk we'll use a combination of code examples and demos to look at how Go simplifies scaling concurrency, how it enables scalable software development and how for many of us it's making coding fun again.

About Mandy

Based in London, Mandy is a Developer Advocate at Google specializing in Cloud technologies, specifically managed infrastructure and container orchestration. One of her main aims in life is to make the world a better place for developers building applications and microservices in the Cloud. In her spare time Mandy is learning Japanese in the hope of living and working there someday, and she also likes to play the guitar.


Github: tekgrrl

Twitter: @tekgrrl

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