Laeeth Isharc

D: a Practitioner's Perspective - Productivity _and_ Performance

D: a Practitioner's Perspective - Productivity _and_ Performance

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About Laeeth

Laeeth Isharc graduated in 1996 from Trinity College, Cambridge, and holds an MA in Economics. His particular interests there were the economics of monetary equilibrium, and Hayek's theory of the business cycle. He started his career in 1996 as an interest-rate exotics and cross-asset trader in London working with the former O'Connor group then recently acquired by SBC Warburg, before moving on in 1998 to run the Japan Interest Rate strategy for DE Shaw- the pioneering quantitative hedge fund – in New York. Following DE Shaw, in 2001 he joined Citadel Investment Group in London, where he was co-head of the fixed income group in London, pursuing a hybrid relative-value and macro strategy, and where he initiated the group's London activities in inflation products.

At Citadel, his group was active across fixed income and foreign exchange markets globally, and purely in the UK, his group traded 2% by value of every trade done by customers in the UK government bond market.

Since leaving Citadel, he worked for Swiss Re, setting up their proprietary trading desk in London, and after a period of research on combining mass psychology and quantitative approaches to markets was a consultant to various early stage hedge funds.

More recently, from early 2012 to December 2013, he was co-CIO at Mako Global Investors, and co-founder of the Pindar Macro Fund.

Since 2014 he has been developing tools to apply technology to the investment process and today he manages money for a $2bn fund in Asia and advises clients on global macro and relative value, with a particular emphasis on the role of affect and perception in shaping developments in economics and financial markets.

Github: Laeeth

Twitter: @Laeeth

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