Jon Coens

The Road to Running Haskell at Facebook Scale

The Road to Running Haskell at Facebook Scale

The Haxl project is running in production at Facebook, and it's been a fascinating ride along the way. We've migrated a 100K line codebase to a completely separate language, built novel infrastructure in Haskell, launched it in a crucial system, and grew dozens of Haskell developers, all without missing a beat. Come learn what blood, sweat, and tears were needed to make this Haskell success story.

Talk objectives:

- The talk aims to show our experiences with using Haskell on a large project: what we needed to change in Haskell to make it run in a high-performance server and what it took to migrate between languages (both technical and human).

Target audience:

- Anyone curious how migrating an existing project to Haskell may look like or what Facebook's biggest foray into Haskell has been.


About Jon

Jon Coens is a software engineer at Facebook. After building robots at CMU's CS program, he's been building anti-spam infrastructure to keep the bad guys off Facebook. In 2013, he founded the Haxl project with Simon Marlow and has spearheaded the growth of Haskell at Facebook.


Twitter: @JonCoens

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