Jamie Winsor

Into Production

Into Production

Jamie Winsor began using Elixir daily at version 0.9.0 at Undead Labs when he joined to build out a distributed online game platform for future Undead Labs titles. In this talk you will hear the story about Undead's journey down the road to production while they attempted to bring their Elixir based online game platform to the cloud and then to scale. This talk is broken up into a set of vignettes, each representing a notable situation during the development process of Undead's platform and hand picked to help the community push further instead of spending times solving problems that others have already have.

Talk objectives:

- The goal of this talk is to provide new and existing Elixir programmers with knowledge on how to get their application into production and, once it's there, how to tune it for scale.

Target audience:


- Elixir programmers who have built their first application and are ready to put it into production or have deployed their first app into production and are now looking to operate it at scale.


About Jamie

Jamie has been fulfilling various engineering roles developing online games for the last 8 years. He has worked on multiple online games including League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, TERA, Lord of The Rings Online. Jamie is currently working at Undead Labs as a Network Server Programmer building a distributed online game platform using Elixir for the follow-up to 2013's State of Decay and collectible creature battler, Moonrise.

Twitter: @resetexistence

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