Darach Ennis

My Little Pony

My Little Pony

Pony is a relatively new LLVM based compiled language supporting ease of integration with native code. This talk takes a deep dive into Pony and the mature Erlang ecosystem. Plus, who doesn't like 'ponies'?

Talk objectives:

- Learn a little about Pony itself, using Pony, and extending Pony with native extensions.
- Compare and contrast to the Erlang ecosystem on a joyride through the fields of pony.
- There will be pictures of ponies, natch.

Target audience:

- Functional programmers, priests of the actor model, Erlangers and the crazy ones interested in the intersection between mechanical sympathy and systems empathy.

About Darach

Darach is a polyglot programmer interested in functional reactive development in high performance and large scale systems. He has designed and implemented algorithmic trading platforms, flow trading systems, smart order routing systems, online spread betting, sports and gaming systems. More recently he has been designing and building near real-time high frequency bandwidth efficient data distribution platforms. He first used Erlang in 2000 attracted by the addition of bit syntax and has been a full-time Erlang developer for the last 6 months focused on designing and building data processing infrastructure at Ubiquiti Networks.

Github: darach

Twitter: @darachennis

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