Dan Hett

How to destroy your work (and why you should)

How to destroy your work (and why you should)

A rapid-fire journey through some of the louder and more colourful things you can do by typing stuff into your computer.

During the session Dan will be explaining how and why he makes music and art and carnage with computers, including whipping up some tasty electronic beats and audio-reactive visuals improvised completely live with code.

This session will also provide some practical tips on how to completely destroy your work, plus some insight on why sometimes this is one of the best things you can do to what you make.

There will be loud noises and flashing colourful images throughout this session - hungover attendees beware!

Talk objectives:

- Demonstrate that you can make loud interesting noises and lovely visual art extremely quickly with nothing but code and a fearless approach to experimentation.

- Demonstrate that code can be entirely throwaway, and that sometimes this approach is enormously liberating

- Entertain!

Target audience:

- Developers, creatives, and anyone who's curious about code as performance.

About Dan

Dan Hett is a creative programmer, videogame developer and experimental visual artist who specialises in creating fun things with code and technology at very high speeds - and usually throwing them away afterwards.

Not one to take computer programming very seriously at all, Dan favours rapid prototyping and fearless experimentation over dull lengthy development processes. Predictable is boring.

Dan's working practice is currently centred around live-coding techniques and performance - creating algorithmically generated music and visuals completely on the fly, usually projected on walls, ceilings or dancefloors for spectators and revellers alike. This bold approach to programming also exposes the code to the audience as it's being written, none of which is retained afterwards, turning the act of writing code into something highly experimental and organic, and thoroughly unpredictable. In short, Dan uses home-grown tools to combine prototyping, creating and destroying into a single flurry of vibrant noisy activity: hold tight.

Github: danhett

Twitter: @danhett

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