Christopher Meiklejohn

Coordination-Free Designs for Mobile Gaming

LASP Creator

Coordination-Free Designs for Mobile Gaming

How can you maintain consistency across a large number of devices that are sporadically connected?

In this talk, we will look at on-going work being performed by the SyncFree research group, a FP7 EU-funded research project on large-scale, synchronization-free computation. We will look at several use cases provided by Rovio Entertainment, makers of Angry Birds, and propose several possible designs to solve consistency problems across mobile devices: an environment where clients can go offline and be partitioned from the network for a indefinite amount of time.

Talk objectives:

- The objectives of this talk are to discuss alternative designs for offline gaming where consistency and deterministic execution is paramount.

Target audience:

- People interested in distributed computation.

About Christopher

Christopher Meiklejohn loves distributed systems and programming languages. Previously, Christopher worked at Basho Technologies, Inc. on the distributed key-value store, Riak. Christopher develops a programming language for distributed computation, called Lasp. Christopher is currently a Ph.D. student at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.

Github: cmeiklejohn

Twitter: @cmeik

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