Becky Conning

Functional Programming on the Web

Functional Programming on the Web

Functional programming paradigms are a great way of dealing with the complexity of modern applications. Web technologies are great platforms for getting features to people. In this talk Becky Conning gets us excited about the benefits of functional paradigms in languages like JavaScript and the increased code-reuse, clearer understandings, and increased reliability which can be achieved by using purer functional languages like PureScript.

Talk objectives:

To get people excited about using functional paradigms and languages with web technologies. To give people an insight into a development workflow using Purescript and some ideas about other languages and approaches to lead independent research.

Target audience:

Mostly application and web developers who have experience working with Javascript and functional programmers who have experience working with languages such as Scala, Erlang or Haskell. Anyone with an interest in application development will take something away from this talk.

About Becky

I'm an application developer at SlamData. We’re using functional languages such as Scala and PureScript to make analysing data into something anyone who can use a tablet or a mouse can do no matter what that data looks like or comes from. Our goal is to drill your analysis down to the data and give you easy to see results whether the sources are complicated hierarchical documents stored in a MongoDB, microblogs in Twitter or serialised DOM events in Cassandra. I’m also interested in healthcare, housing, food, music, poetry and physical security.


Github: beckyconning

Twitter: @beckyconning

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