Yan Cui

Modelling Complex Game Economy with Neo4j

Server Architect Developer at Yubl

Modelling Complex Game Economy with Neo4j

The challenge of modelling and balancing the economy of a large scale game is one of the biggest problems game developers face and one that many have tried to solve by simply throwing man-hours at it... But there's a better way!

Learn how Gamesys did it by leveraging graph database Neo4j to model the in-game economy of our MMORPG “Here Be Monsters” and automate the balancing process. We'll discuss lessons learned, successes and challenges, and how a graph database enables our small team of game designers to stay agile and focused on delivering new content to players.

Talk objectives:

Illustrate, with a real-world example of a large scale MMORPG, how the power of graph databases can be harnessed to model and automate the otherwise difficult and laborious task of balancing a game.

Target audience:

* Developers interested in graph database
* Developers and game designers interested in learning about how to use the power of graph to model and automate game balancing

About Yan

Yan is a Server Architect Developer at Yubl, and a regular speaker at user groups and conferences. He keeps an active blog at http://theburningmonk.com and is a co-author of "F# Deep Dives".

Github: theburningmonk

Twitter: @theburningmonk

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