Tareq Abedrabbo

Building a Scalable Event Service with Cassandra: Design to Code

Building a Scalable Event Service with Cassandra: Design to Code

Increasingly, modern-day platforms seek to achieve scalability, fault-tolerance and flexibility through the use of micro services and event-driven architectures. These systems frequently are required to reliably handle massive and variable data volumes in near real time.
This is the story of how a small team approached the design and implementation of a scalable event service backed by Cassandra, in the context of a major high-street retail organisation.
This talk puts the event service we built with Cassandra into its full context, highlighting the design and implementation decisions that we had to adopt, sometimes in a counterintuitive manner, to balance the competing concerns of performance, capability and evolution.

About Tareq

Tareq is Chief Technical Officer at OpenCredo. He is continually involved in the delivery of innovative projects, frequently incorporating NoSQL/Big Data and Cloud platforms, to a wide range of organisations. His approach is highly pragmatic and hands-on, and focuses on problem solving and delivering value to his clients.

Tareq has a strong interest in programming languages, ranging from Scala and Python to Google Go. He has expert knowledge in a number of NoSQL technologies, including Neo4j, MongoDB and Redis. He is also co-author of Neo4j in action, the comprehensive guide to Neo4j.

Tareq has been actively involved with the Spring project since the early days, and has been a committer on Spring Web Services.


Github: tareqabedrabbo

Twitter: @tareq_abedrabbo

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