Reid Draper

Programming and Testing a Distributed Database

Programming and Testing a Distributed Database

Programming a distributed database is simple. Write a database, glue some RPC on it, and test a few queries. In reality, the implementation of distributed databases are difficult, inelegant and are barely recognizable compared to their single-node counterparts. In this talk, we'll see how real world distributed database actually work, communicate and are tested. We'll trade RPC for messaging, unit-tests for QuickCheck, and micro-benchmarks for multi-week stress tests.

About Reid

Reid Draper is a professional Erlang developer who also does significant work in Clojure and Haskell. At Basho, he works on Riak, a distributed database. He's also the creator and primary author of Clojure test.check, a property-based testing tool.

Github: reiddraper

Twitter: @reiddraper

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