Ian Barber

Naming Things

Naming Things

Naming things is famously one of Phil Karlton’s two hard problems in computer science. The other part of that maxim, cache invalidation, generally gets a lot more attention, but the more declarative our approaches to software, systems and configuration becomes, the more important it is that our names are clear and helpful.

In this talk we will look at how names are used to compose functionality, the properties of names, and how to choose names that will make our systems easier to use now and in the future.

Talk objectives: Help you think about the behaviours, domains and clarity of the names you use when writing software or building systems, and the effect that has on how easy the result is to work with.

Target audience: Experienced developers in any language.

About Ian

Ian Barber works as a Senior Developer Advocate for Google+, and is based in Google’s London office, where he helps a variety of developers and brands to make best use of the Google+ platform. Ian has been working with the web as a developer, consultant and technical manager since 2002. Among various open source interests, Ian is the author of the PHP Support Vector Machine extension and a contributor to the brokerless messaging library ZeroMQ.

Github: ianbarber

Twitter: @ianbarber

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