Greg Young

Log Captains (distributed systems beginner)

Log Captains (distributed systems beginner)

Stardate 44429.6. Today we will be heading into the deep realms of logging... Wait not this is Log Captains not Captains Log. We will in instead a fun and interactive way look through a deceptively difficult
problem in computer science, how to keep a log consistent across more than one machine. We will get in depth and look at the subtle problems that can occur in such systems and actually see the varying failure modes. We will even cover the algorithm of algorithms Paxos and how it works.Be not afraid of the algorithms for they will shed their secrets when tennis balls are applied! Yellow tennis balls!

About Greg

Greg is an independent consultant and entrepreneur. He is always involved with many concurrent projects, currently these include building out a distributed event store and mighty moose (a continuous test runner). In his free time he is known to on a whim organize a large conference, really. For periods of years Greg has been known to stop living anywhere and just travel though he now resides (when not travelling) in Vilnius Lithuania.


Twitter: @gregyoung

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