Eric Redmond

NoSQL is Dead

NoSQL is Dead

You've probably heard of NoSQL databases. You may have even used a few. What you may not know is that NoSQL, as a term of art, is not helpful in any way. What is helpful, however, are the different techniques, ideologies, and science that underlies the design of individual systems. We'll dig into some popular database commonalities, differences, and why the search for a definition of NoSQL is not one worth making.

Talk objectives: I plan to teach the audience the differences and commonalities amongst many kinds of databases, and hopefully do a little damage to the unhelpful marketing term "NoSQL".

Target audience: Developers and operators who want to know more about their NoSQL choices.

About Eric

Eric’s a programmer. He’s also a longtime advocate of alternative storage mechanisms (especially the distributed kind), and loves to write and talk about them. He’s co-author of Seven Databases in Seven Weeks and recently A Little Riak Book. Eric is a Riak Engineer at Basho, and runs the largest technical web group in Portland.

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