Eleanor McHugh

Go for the Would-Be Network Programmer

Go for the Would-Be Network Programmer

An introduction to writing secured network applications with Google Go.

Talk objectives:

In this session we'll cover enough Go to write generic HTTP, TCP/IP and UDP applications using the standard package library and closures.

We'll also see how to scale them with goroutines, Go's standard concurrency primitive.

Target audience:

Anyone with an interest in Go, basic network applications or data security.

Then we'll look at how to secure them with AES and RSA encryption.


About Eleanor

London-based hacker Ellie has a passion for the esoteric corners of programming stretching back to her misspent teenage years. During the course of her career she's worked on mission critical systems ranging from avionics to banking security. She's the author of A Go Developer's Notebook.

As a responsible parent Ellie enjoys polyhedral dice, home brewing and gothic music.


Github: feyeleanor

Twitter: @feyeleanor

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