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SQL Strikes Back! Recent Trends in Data Persistence and Analysis

SQL Strikes Back! Recent Trends in Data Persistence and Analysis

The Internet giants that emerged in the last 20 years accumulated data sets of unprecedented sizes (at least, outside certain security services…), far outstripping the capabilities of existing storage and analysis tools. This was the genesis of the Big Data and NoSQL movements, where new approaches were invented to scale as required while minimizing costs.

Recently, relational database technology and SQL have made a comeback. This talk looks at forces driving this resurgence and specific example technologies, including:

  • "NewSQL" - applying the scalability and availability lessons of NoSQL to relational databases.
  • Hybrid SQL and NoSQL datastores - such as Cassandra’s SQL-based query language.
  • Layering SQL abstractions on file-based data - including SparkSQL, Hive, Impala, and Drill.
  • SQL as a functional programming language.

About Dean

Dean Wampler is a consultant for Typesafe. He specializes in scalable, distributed, data-centric application development, "Big Data" or otherwise, applying Functional Programming principles with the Typesafe stack, Hadoop, and other tools. Dean is a contributor to several open-source projects and the founder of the Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts. He is the co-author of "Programming Scala", the author of "Functional Programming for Java Developers", and the co-author of "Programming Hive", all from O'Reilly. He pontificates on twitter, @deanwampler.

Twitter: @deanwampler

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