Andreia Gaita

Oculus Rift, Kinect and Raspberry PI: The VR Revolution

Oculus Rift, Kinect and Raspberry PI: The VR Revolution

Oculus Rift is pulling the future of virtual reality experiences closer to our present faster than anyone would ever dare dream of. For all its apparent clunkyness, no one remains indifferent to the power of the VR experience after putting on an Oculus, and soon other VR hardware will become available from companies such as Sony. But what does that mean to you, the developer?

In this talk we will look at the existing Oculus C++ SDK, the current efforts to expose the it to C#, what tools are available and how to use C#/.NET to create a VR experience for the Oculus Rift. We'll talk about the constraints of programming for such a specialized platform and the problems that emerge when your code can literally make your user feel sick. We'll look at how the Raspberry PI can potentially be used to turn the Oculus Rift into a portable VR experience, and what type of tricks need to be used to make it a viable platform for this purpose. The Kinect is another piece of hardware that quietly revolutionized the way people can interact with computers, and we'll take a look at how well Oculus, Raspberry PI and Kinect work with one another for the ultimate virtual avatar experience."

Talk objectives: Introducing the Oculus Rift hardware and SDK, both in C++ and C#. Introducing the potentials and limitations of the platform, and ways of making it portable and more powerful by integrating it with Raspberry PI and Kinect. At the end of this talk, everyone should be itching to play with VR and hack on a Raspberry PI.

Target audience: Anyone that is curious about Oculus and likes to tinker with hardware and software.

About Andreia

Andreia Gaita is a C#/C++ developer and long-time open source and Mono contributor that found herself in the strange and fascinating world of game development and VR when she started working at Unity Technologies, and even though she currently works at GitHub, the fascination for game development and virtual realities continues unabated. For the past 16 years she has been involved in the development of cross-platform applications, services and libraries, embedding browser engines, creating bindings and making tools that help developers be successful. She hails from the sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she bikes a lot.

Github: shana

Twitter: @sh4na

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