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Typed Clojure in Practice
TUTORIAL: Everyday Typed Clojure

Typed Clojure in Practice

Typed Clojure is an optional type system for Clojure. Typed Clojure is being used in production systems to help programmers verify, document and design correct Clojure code.

In this talk, we introduce the goals of Typed Clojure and discuss how effectively Typed Clojure works in practice.

We give an overview of the kinds of problems being solved today with Typed Clojure, and where your Clojure projects might benefit from a type system like it.

TUTORIAL: Everyday Typed Clojure

Learn what Typed Clojure is all about by applying your existing Clojure experience to make the most of an optional static type system.

Learn to communicate and correctly apply useful concepts like core.async channels and transducers, with Typed Clojure's expressive type system.

Learn how to make your programs more readable, safer and accurately documented by converting them to use Typed Clojure.

You will take the quick-start course on Typed Clojure from its creator and maintainer, which you can immediately apply in your own projects. In the second half we will cover the concepts you need to know for your first months with Typed Clojure.

Tutorial objectives:

- Use Typed Clojure to verify your Clojure projects

- Clarify your understanding of existing libraries via Typed Clojure

- Be familiar with all but the most advanced areas of Typed Clojure

Target audience:

- Some Clojure (or similar) experience is assumed

- Typed Clojure experience not required

About Ambrose

Ambrose is the creator of Typed Clojure and contributor to several Clojure libraries.


Github: frenchy64

Twitter: @ambrosebs

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