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Code Mesh 2014:

Tutorials: 3 November

Conference: 4-5 November



For the third year in a row, Code Mesh will be the best place in Europe to meet over 50 inventors and commercial users of innovative tech and non-mainstream languages.

EARLY BIRD Registration closes on 4 October. The TUTORIALS are now up, take your pick from HERE! We have 40 speakers up on the website, and we are adding updates every week! To get an idea about the conference, take a look at the 2013 edition.

IMPORTANT: We are pleased to announce that this year Code Mesh is implementing a Scholarships Programme.


Chad Fowler

Talk Title Coming Soon... CTO at 6Wunderkinder, Founder of Ruby Central

Dan North

Talk Title Coming Soon... Agile Troublemaker, Originator of BDD

Jessica Kerr

Talk Title Coming Soon... Developer at Outpace Systems

Michael "Monty" Widenius

Talk Title Coming Soon... Original Author & Architect of the MySQL Server

Dean Wampler

SQL Strikes Back! Recent Trends in Data Persistence and Analysis
Data-Centric Functional Programmer, O'Reilly Author

John Hughes

TUTORIAL: QuickCheck
Co-Designer Of Haskell And Quickcheck, Testing Tools Entrepreneur

Bodil Stokke

Talk Title Coming Soon... Functional Programming Hipster

Reid Draper

Programming and Testing a Distributed Database
Distributed Systems Engineer at Basho

Debasish Ghosh

Functional Patterns in Domain Driven Design applied to Financial Models
Consultant @ Eligotech BV developing Data Discovery and Parallel BI Tools

Andrea Magnorsky

Talk Title Coming Soon... Aspiring Magician @ BatCat Games

Garrett Smith

Talk Title Coming Soon... Creator of e2 and the MongoDB is Web Scale Videos

Eric Redmond

NoSQL is Dead
Co-author of Seven Databases in Seven Weeks

Clément Delafargue

TDD, as in Type-Directed Development
λ CTO, PL tinkerer

Claes Wikström

Going Big, SDN for Huge Real-Life Networks
Principal Engineer, Cisco

Paul Butcher

Concurrency: It's Harder (and Easier) than you Think
Parallelism and Concurrency Geek

Steve Vinoski

Talk Title Coming Soon... Architect @ Basho and Yaws Committer

Yodit Stanton

The Internet of Things in Practice
Hacks Hardware, Software & Data @

Jim Webber

A Little Graph Theory for the Busy Developer
Chief Scientist at Neo4j

Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant

Typed Clojure
TUTORIAL: Everyday Typed Clojure
Creator of Typed Clojure

Justin Arbuckle

TUTORIAL: Using Chef Containers and ChefDK to Build Test Driven Infrastructure
Vice President, EMEA & Chief Enterprise Architect at Chef

Ian Barber

Naming Things
Developer Programs Engineer @ Google

Edwin Brady

TUTORIAL: Idris - Practical Software Verification with Dependent Types
Programming Language Researcher and Hacker @ University of St Andrews

Daniel Egloff

Taming GPU threads with F#
Partner InCube Group, Managing Director QuantAlea AG

Richard Minerich

Talk Title Coming Soon... Director of Research and Development at Bayard Rock

Kevin Hammond

Megacore, Megafast, Megacool
Functional Programming on Steroids

Piotr Kołaczkowski

Lightning Fast Cluster Computing with Spark and Cassandra
Building Fast Database Systems at DataStax

Alejandro Ramallo

Marketing, Big Logic and a Pinch of ACID
Co-founder @ Leapsight, a Marketing Hacker

Yan Cui

Modelling Complex Game Economy with Neo4j
Senior Server (C#, F#) Developer at GameSys

Peer Stritzinger

Programming a Massively Scalable Garage Door Opener in Erlang
Entrepreneur, Erlang Embedded and Automotive Expert

Tom Hall

Process Calculi for The Working Programmer
Thinks if programming isn't math(s), it should be

Stuart Sierra

TUTORIAL: Intro to Clojure
Intro to Datomic
Programmer, Actor, Musician, Writer. Clojure Developer at Cognitect

Tim Williams

Talk Title Coming Soon... Haskell Developer @ Quantitative Analytics Equity Derivatives Group

Peter Marks

Talk Title Coming Soon... FPF Team Lead at Barclays

Pavlo Baron

Talk Title Coming Soon... Lead Architect with codecentric AG

Anil Madhavapeddy

Nymote: Git Your Own Cloud Here
Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

Morning session
9am - 1pm

Stuart Sierra

Intro to Clojure

John Hughes

Afternoon session
2pm - 6pm

Bonnaire - Sergeant

Typed Clojure

Please choose one AM tutorial and one PM and after purchasing your ticket, simply email your choices to Thank you!


ILEC Conference Centre

47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD


Situated a few minutes walk from Earls Court and Olympia Exhibition Centre, ILEC Conference Centre is a perfect base for business travellers. Its close proximity to the shopper’s paradise of Kensington and Knightsbridge and the stylish cafes and boutique of Chelsea also makes it a great place for leisure visitors to stay.


ILEC is a quarter of a mile (400m) from the A4, providing easy access to the M4, M5 and M40.


Airport transfer times

Heathrow (LHR): 21 km

Approximately 30 minutes in light traffic. You can also reach the airport directly by London Underground, on the Piccadilly line.


Gatwick (LGW): 45 Km

Approximately an hour in light traffic. It is 40 minutes by train from West Brompton station Direct shuttle available with Easy bus.


London City (LCY): 21 km

Approximately 45 minutes in light traffic.

Public transport: London Underground

West Brompton and Earls Court stations are both within walking distance giving easy access to all central district of London and Heathrow Airport. 


Tutorials Venue

New Loom House, 101 Back Church Lane, E1 1LU. Closest Underground Station: Aldgate East.


Finance & Banking

Banking and finance sectors are generally considered conservative. But there are many innovations happening behind the stiff appearences. This track focuses on applied case studies on how banks and financial institutions are using non mainstream technologies to shave off microseconds in their computations, increase programmer productivity and improve quality while tackling present and future computational challenges.


Next Generation Databases

This track will explore the future of data and data architectures for performance, scalability and distribution. We will be looking at innovations and the future of databases, including cloud databases, NoSQL, NewSQL, graph databases, big data analytics, semantics and linked data.


Infrastructure & Distribution

Gone are the days of the mainframe; infrastructure software for the 21st Century needs to be distributed, scalable and flexible. How useful is an effective big data analytics algorithm if you can't move the data cheaply and efficiently, and what is the point of an instant messaging cluster if it will not scale linearly with demand? The speakers in this track have used non mainstream technologies for messaging backbones, computing clouds and massive clusters, streaming media and instant messaging. Come and find out how.


Scalability & Multicore

The future of computing is Multi-core, massively multi-core. This track investigates hardware infrastructures, from embedded to super computers, from running programs on the bare metal to virtualization. When should you use what? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches? This track investigates them all, and is a must when deciding what hardware platform and technology stack to use.


Not Only OO

Programming languages are in constant development, responding to the changing nature of computing problems and hardware infrastructure. Both old and new, languages have their strength and weaknesses, making them fit (or unfit) for particular jobs. Learn and exchange ideas with the inventors of today and tomorrow’s computing future, and ensure you equipped with the knowledge to make the right choice.


Next Generation Analytics

The "Next Generation Analytics" track explores the technical challenges of working with data sets that are too large for traditional tools. The reward for your efforts are new insights that are not evident in smaller data sets. Big Data Analytics combines new tools for cost-effective scalability such as the Hadoop alternatives, paired with conventional tools. Our speakers will discuss their experiences working with Big Data and offer guidance to help you be effective, as well.


Gaming & New Media

Gaming and media are two rapidly expanding and overlapping verticals that have not been shy in using old and new non mainstream technologies. Startups and established multinationals alike, they need to create cutting-edge products in order to be ahead of the competition. This track is a case study bonanza of technical solutions and success stories we can all learn from.

Code Brew

The Code Mesh conference would not be complete without a proper party, where speakers and delegates can mingle and brew up new ideas.

Join us on 4th November for Code Brew - an evening full of great company, snacks and specially selected craft beer.


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