Viktória Fördős

Erlanger @ Cisco NSO Core

Viktória first came in contact with Erlang in 2010 when she joined the RefactorErl project. Has been active in R&D, and of course in Erlang, ever since. She was contributing to FP7 EU projects (PharaPhrase, RELEASE, SYNCFREE), co-authored papers in the ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop, in ‘Proceedings of Trends in Functional Programming’ (TFP), in ‘Lecture Notes in Computer Science’ (LNCS), in Computer Languages Systems & Structures (COMLAN), in ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, and in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. She was Member of Program Committee for the ACM Erlang Workshop between 2016 and 2018. She is Co-chair for the ACM Erlang Workshop 2019. She joined Cisco Systems in 2019. She is an NSO core engineer, she solves (network orchestration) problems in Erlang everyday.

Past conferences

Viktória Fördős
Code BEAM STO 2019
16 May 2019
12.25 - 12.50

Think in Erlang!

Have you ever felt that a solution is too complicated?

In this talk you are going to learn a universal recipe that you can use everyday to provide simple solutions to complex problems. We start with the philosophy of Erlang and learn its key messages. Then we study how these core thoughts are baked into Erlang/OTP, and why they help. Then we are going to see how Cisco NSO engineers created a patented algorithm to solve a complex problem: orchestrating network services. Yes, using the same recipe!


  • Learn a new problem solving method.
  • Attendees will be able to look at problems from a different angle. Since they will not only code but think in Erlang, they will be able to propose simple solutions to complex problems.


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