Vanessa Lee

Interline Vacations

Vanessa is  a software engineer at Interline Vacations. She's been developing s/w since the 90s. Vanessa began working in the Erlang Ecosystem in 2011.

Upcoming conferences:

Vanessa Lee
Code Elixir LDN
18 Jul 2019
15.30 - 15.50

UI Testing is Ruff; Hound Can Help

Whether you call it UI testing, End-to-End Testing, End-to-User Testing, or Acceptance Testing--it is often an intensely manual and time-consuming process.

Hound, an Elixir library, can carry some of the load through browser automation. Browser automations means that developers can automate their user interactions — clicks, fill inputs, file uploads, selecting options, radio buttons, etc.

Hound tests saved Vanessa days of manual end-user testing on a project, and she will be sharing this knowledge in her talk.