Simon Peyton Jones

Principal researcher at Microsoft Research

Simon has been a researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England since Sept 1998. He's also an Honorary Professor of the Computing Science Department at Glasgow University, where he was a professor during 1990-1998.

Simon is interested in the design, implementation, and application of lazy functional languages. In practical terms, that means he spends most of his time on the design and implementation of the language Haskell. In particular, much of his work is focused around the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, and its ramifications.

Simon is chair of Computing at School, the group at the epicentre of the reform of the national curriculum for Computing in England. Computer science is now a foundational subject, alongside maths and natural science, that every child learns from primary school onwards (background here).

Upcoming conferences:

Simon Peyton Jones
Code Mesh LDN
07 Nov 2019
09.10 - 10.10