Sébastien Merle

Erlang and Embedded Programmer (Peer Stritzinger GmbH)

Sebastien is a backend programmer that walked the march from C++ to Erlang and Elixir in his quest for better concurrency.

After a decade of high-level Erlang development mostly in the instant messaging sector, he is focusing on embedded programming with the objective of bringing all the joy of Erlang to small devices. He is involved in the GRiSP project  and the edge-computing research group LightKone.

Past conferences

Sébastien Merle
Code BEAM SF 2018
15 Mar 2018
10.45 - 11.30

From Cloud to Edge Networks

Where is Erlang when we move from the cloud towards the edge?

Its traditional use case in telecom equipment has always been in larger embedded systems, which were always reaching towards the edge of the network. With our GRiSP project and evaluation board we push to get Erlang's advantages into smaller devices in IoT, home automation, manufacturing and automotive systems.

To extend this reach of the Erlang VM even further we are not only building boards and software that run Erlang directly on the hardware but also extending the capabilities of the Erlang VM towards a more scalable, heterogeneous, Erlang distribution protocol supporting hard realtime Erlang processes.

In this talk we will give an overview of our progress so far and will demonstrate use cases in home automation and robotics. Our work for improving Erlang distribution for our Industrial and IoT applications will bring improvements for cloud based solutions too, like a remedy for head of line blocking and better scalability.


Expand the horizon of the possible use-cases for the Erlang VM and demonstrate some of them.


Erlang developers interested in IoT, Decision Makers interested in new areas to apply Erlang based technology on.


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From Cloud to Edge Networks - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018

Article by Sébastien Merle

Slides from Sébastien Merle's talk "From Cloud to Edge Networks" - Code BEAM SF 2018


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