Natalia Chechina

One of the core authors of SD Erlang, lecturer in computing (Bournemouth University)

Natalia Chechina is passionate about distributed systems, cooperative robotics, scalability, fault tolerance, and as a result is in love with Erlang. Her research investigates approaches and techniques to enable scaling and efficient performance on commodity hardware where components are loosely coupled, communication is significant, and any of the components may fail or disconnect at any time.

Upcoming conferences:

John Hughes / Melinda Tóth / Natalia Chechina
Code BEAM Lite Budapest

Erlang - Inspiring Research and Industry

Erlang has been inspiring research and industry from its first days – and is itself a result of successful application of research and industrial practices. In this talk we will explore what makes Erlang an exciting topic for collaboration between industry and academia, Erlang’s attractiveness to researchers and talk about transformation of research ideas into companies. We’ll also discuss ways of getting involved in research.

Past conferences

Natalia Chechina
Code Mesh LDN 2018
08 Nov 2018
14.30 - 15.15

Co-operative robots sharing the load

In this talk, Natalia will share the idea behind, and features of, Autonomous Mobile Programs (AMPs). Autonomous Mobile Programs are mobile agents that are aware of there resource needs, sensitive to their execution environment, and periodically relocate to reduce their completion time. AMPs previously have been evaluated on a small LAN, then simulated, and now we have explored their potential on a group of Raspberry Pi robots introducing fault tolerance.


To introduce a new idea of sharing computation load and utiliSing available resources.


Those who might be interested in resource utilisation.

Natalia Chechina
Code BEAM Lite Berlin 2018

Erlang scales robots

Cooperative robotics is a fascinating area where lots of robots work together to achieve some (positive :) ) common goals, e.g. rescue or exploration mission. Currently, this happens only in movies and our imagination due to mainly scalability and fault tolerance limitations of robots.

In this talk, Natalia will introduce her vision of scaling complex robots and collections of robots using Erlang. She will start with an overview of existing robotics projects that use Erlang and then talk about her idea and some small research projects that she has conducted at Bournemouth and Glasgow Universities to develop the vision.


Talk about the usage of Erlang in robotics.

Natalia Chechina
Code BEAM STO 2018
01 Jun 2018
11.25 - 12.10

Researching with Erlang

This talk will be an overview of recently conducted small research projects related to Erlang, such as

  • Erlang in robotics. Here Natalia will talk about scalability and fault tolerance capabilities of the most popular Robot Operating System (ROS) and potential for Erlang to enable reliable and fault tolerant performance in sophisticated packs of robots.
  • Erlang performance in comparison with Go and Scala/Akka.


The aim is to share findings and attract collaborations.