Miloš Mošić

Senior Software Engineer at Mainframe

Previously a CTO at Evercam, Miloš has been active in the open source communities and has spoken at ElixirConf and various other industry events. He loves new challenges, especially around improving performance and building highly fault-tolerant, reliable back-end services.

Upcoming conferences:

Miloš Mošić
Code BEAM Lite Budapest

Elixir and the blockchain - a perfect match?

Elixir might not be the first thing you think of when you're thinking about the world of cryptocurrencies, but there are reasons to consider using it in your stack. Miloš will explain how he used Elixir to interact with Ethereum Smart Contracts to make a reliable backend for a new decentralized finance project from Mainframe.


Demonstrate how Elixir can be used to build a service that interacts with Ethereum and other blockchains, in order to make an app that works with crypto transactions.


Crypto enthusiasts and sceptics, developers interested in using the blockchain or hearing about the world of decentralized finance, Elixir fans who would like to see the language being used in novel ways.