Leandro Bighetti

Elixir Developer (Entelios AG)

Leandro is originally from Brazil, and has been working as a software developer for the last 7 years, having worked in Investment Banking, Game Development, and currently in the Energy Industry, at Entelios AG. Entelios enables large energy consumers to commercialise their energy usage, and Entelios' load control system is implemented in Erlang and Elixir. Out of work, when Leandro is not tending to his responsibilities as a husband and soon-to-be dad, he's usually creating screencast tutorials for his YouTube channel which focuses on developers who aren't familiar with Elixir or even functional programming.

Past conferences

Leandro Bighetti
Code BEAM Lite Berlin 2018

How to teach Elixir to non-functional developers

In this talk, Leandro will speak about efficient ways of teaching newcomers to the language: how to get people interested in the language, where people usually struggle and how to overcome these challenges. This will use Elixir as the basis language but will serve as a framework to generalise to other functional languages.


The talk will focus on giving people tools to better learn Elixir and better train fellow developers who are entering the Elixir world.