Johanna Larsson

Co-organizer of Malmö Elixir User Group and contributed to Elixir core that one time

Johanna is a polyglot developer working with anything from edge computing to data processing pipelines. Outside of work she's a co-organizer and frequent speaker at the Malmö Elixir meetup and spends a bit too much time on the Elixir slack.

Upcoming conferences:

Johanna Larsson
Code Elixir LDN
18 Jul 2019
11.10 - 11.30

Performant String Processing Scripts in Elixir

Can you write a performant string processing script in Elixir? Incrementally optimizing a simple implementation while introducing many interesting parts of Elixir, including ETS, and iolists, we end up with a 10x speedup over the original implementation. With a little bit of knowledge, Elixir becomes a viable and performant scripting language, and this also carries over into other data processing tasks.


Showing off some of the "fast" parts of Erlang/Elixir.


Anyone who has ever thought about optimization or is curious about the parts of Erlang/Elixir that make your code go faster.