Fredrik Park

Professional consultant, father of (soon) two

Even before graduating, Fredrik was captured by the beauty of Erlang during his studies at Uppsala University. During his final semester he joined Erlang Solutions part time while finishing his thesis project

Since then he has worked at companies like Spotify, Netlight, Campanja, Dooer and Klarna where he has worked with some of the larger industry languages such as Javascript and Python. During his spare time, he currently is exploring Rust as a language of choice.

Fredrik is very fond of tooling that can help him from making silly mistakes if a system can find his mistakes it should.

Today he is working as a freelancing full-stack consultant and specializes in dealing with legacy systems no matter what language it is written in. The end goal is to develop a product and not have to rely on the consultancy

Past Activities

Fredrik Park
Code BEAM STO 2019
17 May 2019
15.20 - 15.45

Returning to Erlang, the tooling I miss

Recently I returned to the Erlang world after several years working with other languages. While I enjoy being back there are some tooling that I did leave behind. In this talk I will present some of this tooling and explain the reasoning as to why I think they should be brought back into the Erlang/Elixir community. Some of the tooling presented would make for an excellent hobby project (or even startup).


Present different interesting tools that are missing or not really used in the community. A brief survey on existing tooling (in the Erlang world) will be done to focus any inspiration to those projects.


Any developer who wants to focus more time on problem solving and less time on things that can be automated.