Ben Smith

Bringing event sourcing to the functional world of Elixir.

Ben has been building event-driven Elixir applications for the past few years. His popular open source Commanded and EventStore libraries provide a solid technical foundation allowing companies to focus on modelling their business using domain-specific events.


Upcoming conferences:

Ben Smith
Code Elixir LDN
18 Jul 2019
14.50 - 15.10

An event-driven approach to building Elixir applications

We experience the real world by reacting to events that have occurred, what if we modelled our Elixir applications in the same way?

Event sourcing is an approach where application state changes are modelled as an immutable series of application-specific domain events over time. Changes made by end users of such applications are recorded as new events. Unlike in a traditional CRUD application, where updates and deletes are destructive operations, events are never deleted.


Introduce the concept of event sourcing with a practical application in Elixir. Talk covers the how, why, and why not to apply an event-driven approach to building your Elixir applications and services.


Anyone interested in discovering how the simple concept of using domain events to capture state changes can bring tangible benefits to application development.