Anton Lavrik

Server Engineer (WhatsApp)

Anton became fascinated by Erlang when he came across Joe Armstrong's PhD thesis. Following the lucky encounter, he has been using Erlang professionally for over a decade. Throughout his career, Anton worked across multiple domains: embedded and real-time systems, domain-specific languages and programming tools, large scale data collection and processing systems, custom analytic databases and analytic stacks.


Past conferences

Anton Lavrik
Code BEAM STO 2018
31 May 2018
13.50 - 14.35

Boosting Erlang superpowers

At WhatsApp, Erlang has been our biggest technical “secret sauce” for building and scaling a very robust server system. In this talk, we go over remarkable benefits of using Erlang and speculate on what could bring Erlang superpowers to the next level.


Go over key benefits of using Erlang at WhatsApp and contribute to a discussion on how to make Erlang even more powerful and at the same time, more approachable.


Erlang programmers.