Learning Elixir Better Through Collaboration and Giving Back - SLIDES - Code BEAM SF 2018

Article by Mohnish Jadwani

Slides from Mohnish Jadwani's talk at Code BEAM SF 2018 - "Learning Elixir Better Through Collaboration and Giving Back".


Fighting Authoritarianism with Erlang, Blockchains and Blockweaves

Article by Sam Williams

Using Erlang’s process-centric approach enabled Sam and his team to quickly design and implement the Arweave network. A component of their approach was to build an extensive testing framework utilising Erlang’s message passing and lightweight threading model, simulating networks under realistic conditions on a vast scale.


Code BEAM SF Profile: Miriam Pena

Article by Miriam Pena

I personally like Erlang because of the short implementation times, I love how easy it is to make concurrent distributed systems and implement communication protocols. It is less verbose than other languages and so less prone to errors. With its stable API, it is also low maintenance and used to resolve challenging problems. The fact that it is in high demand and you often get to work remotely, are a bonus too.


Successful Companies Use Erlang and Elixir

Companies choose Erlang and Elixir, because of the ease with which fault-tolerant and scalable programs deployable in a distributed network can be written. Erlang and Elixir are both functional languages that can use an Actor system to simplify the handling of concurrency and make error recovery possible. They are able to take full advantage of multicore computing, allowing more to be done with less. We are also now seeing a wider adoption of Elixir in production, especially for those companies more used to the syntax of Ruby.


Introducing Wrek - A Miniature Erlang Graph Engine

Article by Richard Kallos


Why Entrigna Chose the Erlang Ecosystem for its IoT Start-up

Article by Murali Kashaboina


A Hitchhiker's Tour of the BEAM

The BEAM is the standard Erlang implementation in use today. It was specially designed just to run Erlang. But what is the BEAM other than a virtual machine for running Erlang?


Learn Erlang From its Inventors - Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding

Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding will be teaching Basic Erlang, Basic OTP and Applied Erlang Techniques at Code BEAM SF in San Francisco, between 12-14 March and 19-21 March.


How to Develop an Erlang or Elixir Team

How can you start your erlang or elixir team building?