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The future of the Erlang ecosystem, in the home of Erlang!

Code BEAM STO conference is all about discovering the future of the Erlang Ecosystem and bringing together developers as a community to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire to invent the future.


An action-packed two-day conference fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies!

We're working behind the scenes to build Code BEAM STO 2019!

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Introduction to Erlang and Elixir

New to Erlang and/or Elixir? Interested, but don't know quite where to dig in? We've all been there! In this track, you will learn from other's experience, get a sense of the lay of the software ecosystem, get help from the community and contribute back for everyone's benefit.


Erlang and Elixir's popularity is growing but it's not always clear what off-the-shelf software is useful in production quality systems. In this track you will learn what existing production systems' maintainers are using to monitor and test their systems. This track will include the war stories and experience reports of novice and expert users alike.


Every new domain that Erlang and Elixir push into brings a new class of problems and a new class of solutions. In this track, we'll learn from other's experience, where things have been peachy and where they haven't been so much. We'll all walk away with a more clear idea of how to build highly reliable software.


Learn from the leading experts and Erlang committers about new language constructs, VM implementations, and powerful libraries which form the Erlang eco-system. You will learn how many of its features work and how to best use them to write fast and efficient code.


In this track, you will learn from the leading experts and committers about new and leading frameworks such as (but not limited to) Phoenix, MongooseIM, Nerves and RabbitMQ. You will find out how these frameworks work, how to best use them and where not to use them.

Distribution, concurrency, multicore, & functional

Scaling vertically by adding more powerful hardware is a thing of the past. We scaled horizontally, by adding more commodity hardware. With mega-core architectures, we have the choice of adding more hardware, more cores, or both. Erlang style concurrency puts us ahead of the game when it comes to scaling with both approaches.

Our speakers

Madeleine Malmsten

Squeeder and Prolog geek introducing girls to tech using IoT and horses


Can you teach a school class functional programming?

Boyd Multerer

Full stack developer, founder of KRY10 Industries, and creator of Scenic


Natively Functional UI with Scenic

Ingela Anderton Andin

SW developer in the OTP team. Focused on security protocols

Security versus interoperability

José Valim

Creator of the Elixir programming language, Director of R&D at Plataformatec

Update: Elixir core dev team

Kenji Rikitake

Erlang/OTP rand module co-creator, amateur radio enthusiast

The BEAM Programming Paradigm

Thomas Arts

Erlang developer since 1997, co-founder and CTO of Quviq

How to sleep well after a major code refactoring

Miriam Pena

Voted one of the women to watch in tech by Women 2.0

BEAM Extreme; Don't try this at home!

Bjarne Däcker

Former manager of the Computer Science Laboratory at Ericsson

How Erlang got its name

Paul Valckenaers

Senior researcher at UCLL and KU Leuven

BEAM for smart energy

Johan Sommerfeld

System architect and multi language developer

Pyrlang: Python meets Erlang

Stavros Aronis

Hunter of discrepancies in Erlang code. Developer of parallel Dialyzer and Concuerror

What does Dialyzer think about me?

Jacek Królikowski

Creator of Rexbug and Hoplon, chronic optimiser

Trust issues: trouble in package paradise

Hakan Mattsson

Wrote escript, reltool, megaco - attended all EUC's since 1997

LUX - an expect like test tool

Cons T. Ahs

Core developer of network device and network configuration, technical leader @ Cisco

LUX - an expect like test tool

Claudio Ortolina

Working professionally with Elixir since 2014

Taming side effects

Manuel Rubio

Polyglot developer, manager and coach

PHP over Erlang: how and why?

Andrey Chernykh

Full-time Elixir developer, OSS enthusiast,

Exop on StreamData

Thiago Rocha Camargo

XMPP and voice/video specialist, creator of Jingle Nodes and Mobile Platforms

XMPP/UDP realtime service bus

Erik Svensson

Software developer at Asolvi, gets to work with Elixir every day

Building, testing and deploying applications with Docker in Azure