Sam Williams

Blockchains, Blockweaves and the De-centralised Revolution

PhD Student

Blockchains, Blockweaves and the De-centralised Revolution

In this talk, Sam will discuss the state of blockchain and cryptocurrency development, as well as present a new blockchain-derived data structure: the Blockweave.

Sam will discuss the details of this new approach to blockchain sharding, as well as its scalability properties and associated novel 'Proof of Work' algorithms.

He will also discuss how they are using the Blockweave at Archain to build a permanent, de-centralised internet archive, amongst other uses, to 'store human history on a blockchain.'

Further, we will detail how Erlang has enabled us to test this system at extremely large scales (many thousands of nodes), exposing many complex and emergent bugs before the network has even launched.

The talk will conclude with a demonstration of such a simulated network, inside a single machine.

About Sam

Sam Williams is a PhD student building a scalable and fault tolerant operating system in Erlang. This builds on his undergraduate dissertation project, in which he created a 'BEAM on bare-metal' OS targeting the Xen hypervisor. This project differed from ErlangOnXen in that it was a direct port of the BEAM, rather than using the Ling VM. Aside from Sam's OS work, he has been building web applications with Erlang, YAWS, and a web framework for around 6 years. When Sam is not programming he enjoys walking and climbing!

Github: samcamwilliams

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