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Tutorial: Functional Web Development with F#

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Tutorial: Functional Web Development with F#

In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll look at doing web programming with the Suave web server and F# Data type providers. We’ll combine two powerful F# libraries to build a simple web site that shows current news, weather forecast and other information! Along the way, we'll use type providers to access data from a wide range of sources (like RSS and JSON services) and Suave to provide an efficient non-blocking web server. We’ll finish the session by deploying the project to Azure or Heroku (depending on your preferences!)

In this workshop, you’ll learn:
* How to access XML or JSON-based REST services with F# type providers
* How to write web applications and web servers using Suave
* How to deploy your web services and applications to Azure and Heroku using FAKE

About Tomas

Tomas is a computer scientist, book author and open-source developer. He wrote a popular book called "Real-World Functional Programming" and is a lead developer of several F# open-source libraries, but he also contributed to the design of the F# language as an intern and consultant at Microsoft Research. He is a partner at fsharpWorks where he provides trainings and consulting services.

Tomas recently submitted his PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge focused on types for understanding context usage in programming languages, but his most recent work also includes two essays that attempt to understand programming through the perspective of philosophy of science.

Github: tpetricek

Twitter: @tomaspetricek

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