Jonas Winje

Practical Lambda Calculus

Practical Lambda Calculus

Jonas and Einar explore the roots of computation by means of a Socratic dialogue about the Lambda Calculus. Armed with nothing more than functional abstraction and function application, Jonas will build up the basics of a programming language in order to answer Einar's naïve questions about calculations, abstractions and programming in general. The explanations will be backed by live-coding in Jonas' home-brewed hipsterware that does tricks on lambda expressions. We will demonstrate that in a land where abstractions are always dissolving before our very eyes, seeing is believing and believing is seeing. Simple things can be viewed in many ways and mean many things, yet they all return to the fold in the end.

About Jonas

Jonas Winje is a developer at Computas, where he codes Smalltalk and Blub. MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oslo. He likes Programming Language Things and thinks infinite towers are pretty.

Github: Glorp

Twitter: @JonasWinje

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