Felix Klock II

Rust: Safe Systems Programming with the Fun of FP

Rust: Safe Systems Programming with the Fun of FP

About Felix

Felix Klock II is a research engineer at Mozilla. He works on enhancing the SpiderMonkey JavaScript virtual machine, and also on the development of Rust, a safe, concurrent, and practical systems language being used at Mozilla to prototype experimental browser architectures (namely Servo).

Prior to working at Mozilla, Felix worked at Adobe Systems on Tamarin, the virtual machine for the ActionScript language. He also worked at Green Hills Software on compilers for static languages (C/C++/Fortran) targeting embedded systems.

Felix is also one of the developers of Larceny, an implementation of the Scheme language that is a testbed for research on garbage collection and compiler optimizations. Felix holds a PhD in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

Twitter: @pnkfelix

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