Andrea Magnorsky

Workshop: Making Games with Elm and Cats

Computationally Generated Chaos Monkey

Workshop: Making Games with Elm and Cats

Come to this cat-stastic workshop where you will learn a bit about Elm and a bit about making games, in the process make a game about cats.

Tutorial instructions:

People should come with a laptop (and charger) with Elm 0.17 installed and an editor ready to use it (Atom seems to be the easiest one to set up). People that turn up without this will have to work on a browser in order to get up to speed quickly.

Installation instructions are at

About Andrea

Andrea really enjoys finding different ways to write code, sometimes for performance, other times for succinctness, sometimes, just because you can, there is no better way to learn than trying.

When she's not working, she tends to play with Haskell or other languages or cats.

Conferences and meetups are a great way to learn more, so Andrea tries to help when she can to make them happen. For that reason she co-organises Functional Kats and GameCraft. Andrea also speaks at local and international conferences like Curry On, Progressive.Net, ProF#, Lambda Days and many more.

Twitter: @silverspoon

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